Swardman Service.

Premium product, premium services.

We provide complete servicing. Thanks to our service partners, excellent availability of spare parts and first-class service quality, maintenance of Swardman mowers is not a concern, but a joy.

Cylinder and bedknife grinding

Grinding the cylinder and bedknife.

Sharp cutting cylinder guarantees a clean cut of your lawn. Usually the cylinder should be ground once a year. 
Spare parts

Spare parts.

Do you need a spare part for your Swardman? No problem. Choose from our range of original parts and order from the comfort of your home.

Service videos

Service video manuals.

Do you want to service your mower yourself, but don't know how to? Take a look at the service video manuals to see the correct procedure.



Warranty form

We base ourselves on the personal approach and operational solutions to situations arising. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and superior lifespan and reliability of our products.

However, each machine may break in some circumstances. Swardman's staff and our service partners are here to identify these situations as quickly as possible and fix them in the shortest possible time and to your satisfaction.

Therefore, you can simply sign up the purchased goods for a service by using an online warranty form. Just fill in your personal data including product identification and defect description, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We will then agree on the method of repairing or shipping the product to a service or claim. Once it has been repaired, we or our service partner will contact you again regarding the return delivery.