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Cylinder and bedknife grinding

Grinding the cylinder and bedknife.

Sharp cutting cylinder guarantees a clean cut of your lawn. Usually the cylinder should be ground once a year. 
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Spare parts.

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What is the difference between Swardman Edwin and Swardman Electra?
Our aim is to provide lawn lovers with semi-professional machines with perfect mowing characteristics, possibility of individual configuration and excellent craftsmanship. Swardman cylinder mowers are intended for mowing of English-style lawns with a low cutting height from 0,5 to 5 cm. Our innovative replaceable cartridge system allows for easy and regular lawn mowing and regeneration. Both of our models move on rollers, their rear roller with differential being equipped with a drive. The main difference between Swardman Edwin and Swardman Electra is that Edwin is powered by a petrol internal combustion engine whereas Electra is fitted with two electric engines with an output of 200 and 500 W respectively. Both these engines are supplied with power by a battery.

Electra is suitable for mowing lawns ranging from approx. 100 m2 all the way up to 1 400 m2. Its biggest advantage is easy electronic control via buttons located on the handlebar, very low noise level (unprecedented in the category of garden mowers) as well as very low maintenance. What is more, the Electra is equipped with some special features such as reverse, cruise control or regeneration mode.

Depending on the selected working width, the petrol-powered Edwin is suitable for mowing lawns up to 2 000 m2 large. Edwin is one of the quietest petrol-powered lawn mowers in the world. Its advantage over Electra is its lower purchase price. However, the mower needs to be regularly topped up with petrol, oil, and its engine needs to be serviced on a yearly basis.
What kind of lawns can I mow with a cylinder mower?
Swardman cylinder mowers are intended primarily for mowing well maintained English-style lawns in private gardens and around residential houses with an area of up to 2 000 m2 or with an operation time of up to 100 moto hours per year. Cylinder mowers are not suitable for mowing areas that are not lawns or places containing more than 20% plants that are not of the grass type. If you want to achieve the best possible results with a cylinder mower, mow twice a week or more at a height of around 20–25 mm.

Due to its construction specifics, a cylinder mower with a 5-blade cutting cylinder can theoretically cut grass only up to 8 cm high. However, the quality of mowing is affected by several circumstances, including grass density, type of grass etc. You can find more information about the differences between individual cylinders and mowing height in this article.
What lawn sizes are Swardman cylinder mowers designed for?
In general, models with a working width of 45 cm are suitable for lawns up to 600 m2 large or diverse areas with various garden features such as swimming pools, ponds, rock gardens, flower beds, trees, or bushes. Thanks to the narrower working range, our machines can cope with the terrain well and are easier to handle. Their weight is about 10% lower than the weight of their counterparts with a working width of 55 cm.

Models with the working width of 55 cm are suitable for larger, more homogeneous, and flatter areas ranging from 600 m2 to 2000 m2. Thanks to the wider working range, you will be able to mow your lawn faster and more efficiently.

Since 2020, Electra has been equipped with a LiFePO Extra battery in its basic configuration. Thanks to its excellent quality, Electra can mow 1 400 m2 of lawn on a single charge. It is therefore suited even for frequent mowing and use of regenerative cartridges – verticutters and scarifiers.
What is the 5-in-1 multifunction system?
The 5-in-1 multifunction system is a unique system of replaceable cartridges that allows the mower to be transformed into a verticutter, scarifier, groomer or rotary brush in just two minutes. Full lawn regeneration thus only requires one machine. All you need to do is simply replace the cartridge with one that meets your current needs. This will save you a lot of time and space. Video instructions on how to replace a cartridge can be found here.
What is the difference between a 5-blade, 6-blade, and 10-blade cutting cylinder
a.  The 5-blade cylinder can cut grass up to approx. 8 cm high, provided you use the wheels intended for taller grass instead of the front roller. The cutting frequency is lower for the 5-blade cylinder – 60 cuts per meter. The 5-blade cylinder is therefore more suited for beginners or lawn owners who are not used to or do not want to cut their lawns too frequently. It is great for not too dense lawns with a cutting length of 2,5–4,5 cm. Even so, the rule not to shorten the blades by more than 1/3 of their length applies here also.

b.  The 6-blade cylinder has a higher cutting frequency – 72 cuts per meter, which makes it a good choice for regular mowing twice a week to the height of 1,8–3 cm.

c.  The 10-blade cylinder provides the highest-quality cutting with a frequency of 120 cuts per meter. We recommend it for mowing at least 3 times a week to a height lower than 2 cm. It is necessary to keep in mind that due to its construction specifics, the 10-blade cylinder is unable to cut high grass. As for dense lawns, the 10-blade cylinder will eliminate the undesired grooved effect.

d.  More information on the differences between different cylinders can be found in this article.
What is the difference between a verticutter and a scarifier?
a.  The verticutter is used for vertical cutting through the grass and thatch which strengthens growth to the sides and leads to thickening of the lawn. The thatch is formed by decomposition of dead organic matter. It blocks air, water, and fertilizers from reaching the roots. Verticutting should be done 2–5 times a year (based on the density of the lawn), ideally before fertilizers are applied. In case of the so-called light verticutting (for which the verticutter cartridge is intended), the blades should cut into the layer of lawn/soil by about 3 mm.

b.  After the process is finished, it is necessary to remove the residual material. The most effective way to do so is to use the Swardman scarifier cartridge. Apart from removing residue left after verticutting, the scarifier is ideal for combing out old grass that limits natural growth of the lawn by preventing air, light, water, and nutrients from reaching the roots.
How often do cylinder mowers require servicing?
The petrol-powered Edwin should ideally be serviced each year after the season. As part of the service, it undergoes thorough cleaning, the oil and filters are changed and the cylinders together with the lower blade are sharpened. With the Electra, only the cylinder needs to be sharpened once a year. Thanks to its two electric engines, Electra does not require almost any maintenance.
How are the mower cylinders sharpened and how often is it necessary to do so?
All stationary as well as moving cylinder blades are sharpened on professional grinders directly at our production facility. In normal circumstances, the blades should be sharpened once a year at the end of the season.

Warranty form

We base ourselves on the personal approach and operational solutions to situations arising. Our goal is to ensure your satisfaction and superior lifespan and reliability of our products.

However, each machine may break in some circumstances. Swardman's staff and our service partners are here to identify these situations as quickly as possible and fix them in the shortest possible time and to your satisfaction.

Therefore, you can simply sign up the purchased goods for a service by using an online warranty form. Just fill in your personal data including product identification and defect description, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible. We will then agree on the method of repairing or shipping the product to a service or claim. Once it has been repaired, we or our service partner will contact you again regarding the return delivery.