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We love to play with details!

In the last article I wrote about the recent developments in our production facility here at Swardman. This time, I would like to go into more detail. Every day we are more and more convinced that there are numerous benefits to manufacturing our items ourselves. Innovations can be made much faster than when you are dealing with suppliers.
We love to play with details!

In the past, when I wanted a supplier to make a small modification, the process took a month or even longer. Now, whenever our designer Marek Votroubek comes up with an idea to make an improvement in the morning, he makes a sketch of his vision and hands it over to production in the afternoon, our operations director Martin Bulíř designs jigs in the evening and sends them for laser cutting overnight. In the morning, the cut-out parts are already being used by welders who weld the jig. In the jig, they weld a control sample, hand it over to the paint shop and a prototype is available in its final version at noon. In the afternoon, I receive it for approval, and testing can start the next day.

So – what used to take us 2 or 3 months is now done in 48 hours. Who can do that? Swardman!

MeasurementIf there is any aspect in which Edwin has improved for the 2017 model year, it’s in the precise details. We know from our customers that they have already been very satisfied with our production quality, but we have now taken it to a higher level. And this is where we differ from our competitors. As far as the quality of production is concerned, we surpassed the standards of garden equipment long ago. Now we are more like the automotive industry. Soon we will start introducing some of the details of our production so that you can get an idea about the details we care about. This is no longer simple engineering, it is more like watchmaking.

Yes, you may say: “What are the details important for? The most important thing is how it mows, how durable it is, etc.” But if we were not precise in the details, the final product and its functioning would not be precise. And with a cylinder mower, the function needs to be precise by definition. And in addition…we love details! Just like we love a perfect lawn, free from weeds, precisely cut, striped and with trimmed edges.

You surely know what I am talking about…

Tomáš Šena

Swardman CEO

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