Swardman Introduces the Groomer Cartridge

November 01, 2021
Swardman introduces the new, long-awaited groomer interchangeable cartridge and again expands the range of accessories for its mowers. The new groomer is a fitting addition to the existing cartridges – verticutter, scarifier/dethatcher and rotary brush. It is available for all generations of Swardman Edwin and Electra mowers as well as in both working widths – 45 and 55 cm.
Swardman Introduces the Groomer Cartridge

Regular and Lawn-Friendly Care 

The groomer is designed for regular and frequent care that is friendly to your lawn. Within the portfolio of interchangeable cartridges, its place is between the verticutter and the scarifier. While the reels utilizing bedknives mow the lawn horizontally, the groomer cuts the grass vertically. It shortens horizontally growing grass blades and removes thatch from the lawn. As a result, the grass is stimulated to grow further upwards. Regular usage of the groomer cartridge helps you achieve an evenly growing, dense, and homogeneous lawn. Thanks to its narrow blades fitted close to each other, the use of the groomer is very lawn-friendly and cannot be confused with verticutting. 

What Lawns Is the Groomer Intended for?

 The groomer was designed for frequent care of lawns mowed with a reel mower. The lower the mowing height and the more frequently the lawn is mowed, the greater the effect the groomer will have on it. Another important factor is the ruggedness of the terrain. You will achieve much better results on lawns with flat surface than on bumpy lawns. The cartridge is intended for advanced lawn-lovers who require only the best for their lawns and are determined to achieve the best results possible.

Compatible with All Swardman Mowers 

We are constantly making efforts to expand the range of accessories and services on offer for all types of our mowers. However, we also keep in mind our very first customers, the proud owners of the first-generation Edwin mowers. It is for this very reason that the new groomer cartridge is compatible with all generations of Edwin and Electra as well as being available in both working widths – 45 and 55 cm. Replacing the cartridge is as easy as with a scarifier, verticutter or rotary brush. 

The Difference between Grooming and Verticutting

The verticutter blades are placed further apart and are much wider. When verticutting, the blades should ideally cut about 3–5 mm into the ground. We recommend doing it 3–5 times a year, ideally before each fertilization. Verticutting is an immensely important, beneficial, but at the same time more invasive intervention after which the lawn will require a couple of days to fully regenerate. The groomer blades are placed very close together, are narrower, and only very gently touch the soil of the lawn. The working depth should ideally be only 0–1 mm and should never exceed 2 mm! Thanks to the groomer’s lawn-friendly nature, it can be used even once a week.

Technical Parameters

45 cm: 34 blades
55 cm: 42 blades
Blade thickness: 1 mm
Blade distance: 1.3 cm

Price and Delivery Time

You can buy the groomer with a working width of 45 cm here, the 55 cm version can be found under this link. Delivery time is 2 weeks.

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