Swardman is growing and expanding its manufacturing operations

December 01, 2020
The year 2020 is a year of major changes, innovations and great figures for Swardman. Thanks to record sales, the company has decided to make a major investment and to expand its manufacturing operations.

The start of the year was marked by a merger with Moraviakov and the introduction of a new and improved model of our petrol lawn mower, the Edwin 2.1. The coronavirus pandemic broke out in the middle of March, i.e. at the start of the lawnmowing season, and Swardman had to face up to several challenges. Despite this very difficult period, the company has managed to steadily increase its turnover. The company had already beaten the annual turnover level achieved in 2019 this May. The main markets for Swardman are the German-speaking countries, the USA and Australia.

However, the extreme increase in orders led to a forced prolongation of delivery times. “I am really happy about this year’s commercial results. Interest in our products is growing the world over. However, due to this, we had to appreciably prolong our delivery times for lawn mowers and we most certainly weren’t happy about that. In order to ensure that a situation like this will not be repeated, we have decided to make a major investment in the form of the construction of a new manufacturing plant. The new manufacturing plant will increase manufacturing space almost fourfold. The manufacturing halls will be equipped with state-of-the-art technology, which will make the manufacturing of lawn mowers and their accessories easier and quicker. Thanks to this, we will be able to increase the already excellent quality of our products and radically reduce delivery times.” stated the company CEO Martin Bulíř.

3D model of new Swardman production plant

The new manufacturing plant will offer almost 3,400 m2 of manufacturing space.
Hall A (on the left in the 3D model) has already undergone extensive renovations. The hall is currently being fitted with new machinery and the fully-fledged manufacturing of lawn mowers will soon be taking place there. Hall B (on the right in the 3D model) is currently under construction.
Swardman new office building


The complex will also include a new office building.



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