10% Discount on Mower and Complete Set of Cartridges

July 04, 2022
How to use your new Swardman mower to the fullest? Well, with all the replaceable cartridges off course! If you too are looking for just one machine for complete lawn care, then our holiday promotion is tailor-made for you. Configure your new mower with reel, add all four regeneration cartridges and get a 10% discount.
10% Discount on Mower and Complete Set of Cartridges

What do I need to do to get the 10% discount?

  • You need to configure a Swardman Edwin or a Swardman Electra with at least one reel (5, 6 or 10-blade) and all regeneration cartridges (verticutter, dethatcher, groomer, rotary brush)
  • Order from July 1 to August 31
  • When placing the order in the cart, enter the discount code SUMMER10 in the first step to deduct 10% of the total order value 

What products does the discount apply to?

  • Swardman Edwin 45
  • Swardman Edwin 55
  • Swardman Electra 45
  • Swardman Electra 55

What are the regeneration cartridges used for? Will I use them all?

Swardman mowers come with a plethora of functions. Thanks to the easy cartridge replacement system, they can be easily converted into a verticutter, a dethatcher, a groomer or a rotary brush in just two minutes. Every cartridge has its place in lawn care. So, if you desire a perfect lawn, it is a good idea to own all the regeneration cartridges. It makes achieving a great-looking lawn that much easier.


The verticutter is used to cut the lawn vertically. This removes the longer sprouts of grasses and cleans the lawn of withered remains. If done correctly, verticutting does not pull the grass out of the lawn but only cuts off long grass shoots and creates small grooves in the soil.
Swardman Verticutter


Whether after verticutting or not, this cartridge is the ideal tool for cleaning the lawn from all excess material such as leaves, needles, withered plants and thatch, bark, small stones, small fruits from trees etc. 
This Swardman replaceable cartridge is a more effective alternative to manual work with a rake. At the same time, it can brush the grass nicely, which is great when you want to significantly cut the lawn.
Swardman Scarifier


The groomer is designed for regular and frequent care that is friendly to your lawn. It cuts the grass vertically, shortening horizontally growing blades and removing thatch from the lawn. Using the groomer regularly will help you achieve a denser, healthier, and more evenly growing lawn. Unlike scarifying, lawn grooming is a lawn-friendly procedure that can be done even once a week. This cartridge is intended for advanced lawn-lovers who require only the best for their lawns and are determined to achieve the best results possible.
Swardman Groomer Cartridge

Rotary brush

The rotary brush is intended primarily for sanding, topdressing, and aeration. The effectiveness of the rotary brush during the application of sand into your lawn exceeds the well-established methods of smoothening or manual brushing. The rotary brush is also suitable when you have an uneven lawn that you want to smoothen with sand. All you need to do is throw the sand where you want it and ride over it a few times with the brush. The surface will remain even, and the sand will be inside the turf.
Swardman Rotary Brush
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