The Swardman Electra 2.0: Innovation that Pushes the Boundaries of Lawn Care

top January 31, 2024
Swardman, the leader in the reel mower industry, is happy to introduce its latest innovation – the Swardman Electra 2.0. This cordless reel lawn mower is an evolution of the successful first-generation model, coming with several key improvements and innovative solutions for an even better user experience and mowing results.
The Swardman Electra 2.0: Innovation that Pushes the Boundaries of Lawn Care
“The first-generation Electra, which we introduced six years ago, managed to quickly win the hearts of lovers of perfectly mowed lawns. Its durability, performance, precise cutting, and unique design have earned it a reputation as one of the best home reel mowers on the market. We have received a lot of feedback over the six years, and it is thanks to your valuable insights and comments that we have made a number of improvements to the original model, which we are now introducing in the form of Electra 2.0, once again taking the quality of our cordless reel mowers to a whole new level.” – says Swardman’s Managing Director, Michael Suchanka.

Long Battery Life for Virtually Unlimited Mowing

One of the key features that makes the Swardman Electra 2.0 unique is its exceptional battery life. Thanks to its high quality LiFePO battery combined with great software optimization, the Electra 2.0 can mow up to 1,700 m2 on a single charge. Compared to the first-generation Electra, this is 300 m2 more.
Swardman Electra 2.0 - battery life

Intelligent Charging

The Swardman Electra 2.0 also comes with intelligent charging. Thanks to the battery's sophisticated BMS, the individual cells of the battery are charged more evenly and gently, which in turn significantly increases its reliability and durability.
Swardman Electra 2.0 - battery BMS

Fabric Grass Catcher

The Electra 2.0 comes with an innovation in the form of a choice – you can now choose a grass catcher made from fabric instead of a traditional metal one. The fabric grass catcher increases user comfort when working with the mower. Emptying the catcher is also more convenient, as it is 30 % lighter than its metal version. Thanks to the partial transparency of the fabric material, you have a better view of how much grass is in it.

Swardman Electra 2.0 - fabric grass catcher

Even Weight Distribution

Another of key design features of the new Swardman Electra 2.0 is its even weight distribution which contributes to optimum stability and comfortable handling during mowing. At the same time, a precise lawn cut is guaranteed over the entire working width of the mower.
Swardman Electra 2.0 - even weight distribution

New Olive Color

Unique premium design is the hallmark of all Swardman products – it is no coincidence that the first-generation Electra won the German Design Award in 2019. The new olive color, in which the Electra 2.0 comes now as standard, underlines its sophisticated and elegant look. The Swardman Electra 2.0 is not only a great lawn mower, but also a fashionable accessory for your garden.

Swardman Electra 2.0 - new olive color

Order Your Electra 2.0 Today

You can purchase the standard version equipped with a 5-blade reel in olive color here. However, if you want to build a mower to your exact preferences and needs, visit our configurator. You can also contact our authorized dealers.
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