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December 04, 2017
Swardman introduces its second model line named Electra. It is the world’s first mower powered by two electric motors. Electra is also the quietest real lawn mower in the world. In 2015 Swardman introduced its first model Edwin, which was followed by Edwin 2.0 in September 2017. This makes Electra the third newly introduced mower model in the past three years. 

Electra - silent revolution in lawn mowers

Swardman with its accu cordless model Electra targets above all those people that are interested in newest technologies and eco-friendly, battery-powered machines that are significantly quitter than classical petrol mowers. At its maximum power, the loudness of Electra will be around 70 dB, which is comparable to a water kettle or typing on a keyboard. 

Swardman Electra

7 times lower operating costs

Due to the absence of an internal combustion engine and a minimal share of moving parts, one of the advantages of Electra are minimal service requirements. To maintain the perfect quality of grass cutting, it is enough to sharpen the cylinder cartridge once a year. The service will thus be faster and cheaper than that of a petrol-powered machine. The cost of mowing a 300-square meter garden with Electra is up to 7 times lower compared to a petrol lawnmower and is approximately £10 per year. 


Swardman Electra view under the side cover


We have been making the quietest petrol mower for 2 years. Swardman Edwin is ca. 40 per cent quieter than a rotary mower. With Electra, we achieved a value of ca. 70 dB, which is five times quieter than a common rotary mower. Electra will therefore be the quietest real lawn mower on the market. We say “real” intentionally, because every other accumulator-powered machine is either robotic or a cheap plastic machine that chops the grass instead of trimming it, which results in a stressed and dried out grass.

Swardman Electra red

Swardman Electra can mow up to 1400 m2

Electra is the only owing machine in the world with 2 independent electric motors that supply the power of up to 500 W to the mowing system and of 200 W to the drive of the mower. Thanks to a modern LiFePO battery, Electra can mow 1400 m2 on a single charge.

Swardman Electra handlebars


Skvělou výdrž poskytne lithium-železo-fosfátový akumulátor (LiFePO4), který umožní rychlé nabíjení a dlouhou životnost. Tento typ akumulátoru umí dodávat vysoký proud ve špičkových odběrech, a proto je vhodný na časté sekání nebo na regenerační zásahy v trávníku jako vertikutace nebo vyčesávání.


Easy cordless mowing

Electra was constructed for a free movement without cords and with emphasis on easy and intuitive manipulation without any technical knowledge. Even a petite person will not have any problems operating Electra. The machine is started and controlled with buttons on the handlebars and with two electronically scanned levers for the drive and for mowing. Maximum speed is limited to 5 km per hour and you can regulate it easily with buttons on a steering panel. Electra is the only hand-led mower in the world with a reverse gear, which makes it easier to manoeuvre when turning or parking the machine.   

Swardman Electra standard - the basic configuration

From mower inventor to invention of Electra

The first Swardman mower named Edwin refers to the inventor of the first cylinder mower, Edwin Budding. It saw the light of day 190 years ago, in 1827. Two centuries later, a petrol Edwin tributes the English inventor with its name. 


Swardman Electra Ice Crystals


The name Swardman Electra originates from the battery, or if you will accumulator concept. Electra clearly states that we are going towards sustainable development and, most of all, a silent powering that creates minimum of noise while in operation, while still focusing on the perfect cut of the lawn. High comfort for the lawn, the owner and the neighbours is our goal.

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