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Power Bound with Belts

When we were developing the Swardman Edwin cylinder mower, we were often forced to look for unconventional solutions. One of the nuts to crack was the distribution mechanism that consists of 4 belts and 6 pulleys in total. Later on, experts in this field confirmed that lawn mowers are governed by completely different principles than other industrial machines or cars, for example.

Lawn cylinder mower with motor Edwin

At the beginning we chose belts based on the cost. However, it soon became clear that the manufacturing precision of such belts varies considerably, which has a negative impact on proper mower function. Thanks to the use of slip connectors, the precision of our belts also affects its physical properties and therefore also its service life.

To ensure the highest possible comfort for Swardman lawn mower users, we made the decision together with Marek Votroubek, our designer, in 2015 to redesign the distribution mechanism. However, the extremely small space where the distribution mechanism of Edwin is placed made it very difficult to make everything work.

Thanks to consultations with experts from Tyma CZ (a belt manufacturer and an official Continental Contitech product distributor), we went for the highest quality belts available on the market. For two permanent gears we used CONTI SYNCHROFORCE® CXP, neoprene belts made by Continental, for the transmission of the highest power, moments and revs. By that we finally solved the issue of transmission from the engine to the countershaft and continuous power transfer to the rear drive cylinder behind the clutch.


However, the biggest challenge was posed by the belts that are parts of the cylinder clutch and drive. Thanks to the 140 years of experience of Continental, we found the right solution with them. We used a belt developed especially for CONTI®V GARDEN garden machines with a special textile weave ideal for the slip in the pulley. The belt is very quiet, highly dust resistant and suitable for use in temperatures between -30°C and +80°C and in areas with high humidity.

Continental CONTI®V GARDEN

And then there is the best part – the belt that powers the drive clutch. First we had to develop a unique hybrid double-pulley. It consists of a custom-made duralumin V-grooved pulley and a gear belt HTD pulley. The whole pulley is fitted with two ball bearings to run quietly and reliably. However, the length of the V GARDEN belt transmitting power between the countershaft and the hybrid pulley did not comply with the standard Continental production. For this reason they custom make this belt for us in their South Korean plant.

With the use of progressive materials, such as kevlar, fibreglass and polyester fibres, ContiTech also offers the most extensive and state-of-the-art automotive belt programme on the market, and so you can find Continental belts in the best cars in the world, including Audi, BMW, Maserati, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Volkswagen and Volvo.

Thanks to its effective design, our distribution mechanism is unparalleled in the gardening equipment segment. We managed to fit everything that the right cylinder lawn mower drive requires in a minimalist space, which is perfectly accessible thanks to the magnetic cover, on top of that. This is one of the reasons why Swardman Edwin looks so great.

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