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Grinding of cylinders – the real know-how

The entire summer of the last year we were trying to figure out how to make sure that the cylinder and the bed knife are sharpened accurately. After all – precise cutting is the biggest pride of cylinder mowers. Individual suppliers were not able to meet our expectations and manufacture two series in the same quality. We could always tell when the grinder was operated by someone different.
Grinding of cylinders – the real know-how

To eliminate the number of defective results we purchased two big, robust grinders – one for round grinding, one for flat grinding. We hired experienced professionals who can choose the right grinding speed to achieve a result that is accurate to thousandths of a millimeter. That is the accuracy, we need for Swardman cylinders. 

The quality of the cut depends on three parts – two welded parts (cylinder and bed knife bracing) and the horizontal bed knife itself. Each of these parts needs to be manufactured with maximum accuracy, because any deviations would add up and make adjusting three elements to the thousandths of millimetres practically impossible.

Another factor to be considered is the tension that builds up in the material during welding, which influences the final accuracy differently every time.

To be perfectly satisfied with the quality, we had to change the cylinder production technology. We had to start welding in new agents that prevent deviations. And ultimately, we had to add more grinding of the bed knife. 

Not everyone may know that often iron of the same quality acts differently. That is why personal approach, longtime experience and watchful eye are needed for every outcome to be in the highest quality. It is impossible to substitute handwork for a robot here in Swardman…

Before the mower is wrapped for the journey to the customer, the cylinder undergoes triple control. The last one takes place just before wrapping – an experienced tester spins the cylinder to its operating speed and checks not only the quality of cutting in the entire width of the working range, but also, for example, the noise level. An unwonted sound of the cylinder can be a sign of something not being right. 

We all love the sound of the cylinder gently whispering as it rotates around its axis and meets the bed knife… it is like a heavenly music to our ears. During the eight years that I have been working with cylinder mowers, I have not experienced cylinders so well sharpened and adjusted straight from the production. Great job, Swardman!

Tomas Sena, Swardman CEO

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