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Become a Swardman Partner!

Do you like innovations and do you have a passion for green lawns? Do you happen to be the one whom others come to seek advice from – owing to your reputation of being a turfgrass guru and lawn tending enthusiast? Have you scored high with your knowledge of lawn mowers? Call us today and we will help you become a star among grass professionals, an innovator who reshapes lawns far and wide across the land.
Become a Swardman Partner!

Looking at different regions, we always try to find only the best business partners, ambassadors and even reference customers – all those who know what is the best for a healthy lawn. We are on the starting line ready to set up new business partnerships and that is a good opportunity for you to become a member of our family and achieve benefits resulting from the partnership.

Outstanding response from professionals

A few weeks ago we launched our cylinder mowers into the world. The response from lawn mower technology professionals assured us that we have developed an extraordinary machine which is unmatched in the market of cylinder lawn mowers for home use. Anyone who looks for European top level workmanship and a reliable hand-made device which ensures precise grass-blade cutting can find the right machine only at our place. After 100 years, further development is well in place again. Swardman is a unique cylinder lawn mower for the most demanding users.

Swardman's goal is to help save time and be a credit to satisfied customers

This truly was a good impulse to develop a solid device – based on a steel framework, corrosion-proof components, top-level Swiss varnishing and a long service life. The customer is not forced to buy a new lawn mower every two years or so. We are moving against the trend generally introduced by other lawn mower manufacturers: produce a high quantity of low-cost machines with bad results, maintain below-the-average quality of machining which leads to a shorter service life – and subsequently induces customers to go shop for a new device as frequently as possible.

The Swardman cylinder lawn mower, as well as other items manufactured by Swardman, follow a different philosophy; our work is based on common sense and our concern is the satisfied customer. Don't look for any tricks, there aren't any. Swardman created a reliable lawn mower which makes you feel happy when you see it and confident when you work with it.

Contact us and become a Swardman PartnerSwardman around the world

Swardman lawn mowers help create & tender perfect green lawns in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, Great Britain, USA, Netherlands, Czech and Slovak Republics, Poland and Lithuania.

You too can become our partner. Provided that within a 100 km radius around you there is none of our customers or partners, then you have a great opportunity to obtain an extraordinary offer for the first branded lawn mower.

You are welcome to contact us by e-mail for more information: and please indicate the subject „Partner.“

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Silent mowing revolution is here - Swardman Electra

Swardman introduces its second model line named Electra. It is the world’s first mower powered by two
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Swardman introduces new mower Edwin 2.0

Swardman comes with a new generation of a cylinder mower, under the name Edwin 2.0. It is a successor of the Edwin model that was introduced in 2015. Swardman Edwin 2.0 comes with a number of novelties and enhancements that ensure an even higher quality of grass blade cut, easier operation and manipulation and further improves the longevity of the machine. The price remains unchanged. The basic model with working range of 45 cm retails for 2399 £. You can order the mower right now.


How to irrigate your lawn in summer and save water

Insufficient water supply is one of the factors that put the grass under stress. Its immunity is decreased and the risk of fungal diseases grows. At the same time, the chance of a mechanical damage to the lawn is higher as well, which can lead to increased growth of weeds. This article will tell you how to irrigate correctly while saving water.



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