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Edwin 45 Standard

From 1.890 Eur


The Swardman Edwin cylinder mower with drive and working range of 45 cm (18”) is suitable for smaller and more diversified lawns up to 600 m2. It stands out with its easy operation, surprisingly quiet and economical Kawasaki engine and durability. Edwin Standard is manufactured in a gray-silver color and equipped with a 5-blade cylinder that ensures perfect cut of grass blades.


Edwin 55 Standard

From 2.190 Eur


The Swardman Edwin cylinder mower with drive and working range of 55 cm (22”) is suitable for larger lawns with the area up to 2000 m2. In addition to a working range wider by 10 cm, the Edwin Standard 55 model also has a bigger grass box by 10 litres. The rest of the parameters is identical to the smaller model. You can also rely on easy operation, quiet and economical Kawasaki engine and durability.


Edwin Special

From 1.890 Eur


The Swardman Special models are designed for the customers that require quality without compromise. You can choose from over 200 colors. Treat yourself with luxurious leather-covered handlebars or LED lights for late shifts. Choose from either metal or carbon bonnet. Let the lawn mowing become your hobby!


Swardman worldwide

You can come across Swardman mowers in more than 20 countries around the globe. If you are looking for a local representative, a store, or you would like to see the mower in action at one of our loyal customers - ambassadors, feel free to choose the nearest place suitable for you.

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Power Bound with Belts

Power Bound with Belts

19. 5. 2017

When we were developing the Swardman Edwin cylinder mower, we were often forced to look for unconventional solutions. One of the nuts to crack was the distribution mechanism that consists of 4 belts and 5 pulleys in total. Later on, experts in this field confirmed that lawn mowers are governed by completely different principles than other industrial machines or cars, for example.


How does a lawn obsession develop?

How does a lawn obsession develop?

4. 5. 2017

In the past few months, we have been wondering if we could use the expression “obsessed by lawns”. The question was, whether this expression evokes negative associations or not. What did we end up with?


Swardman – the safest cylinder mower

Swardman – the safest cylinder mower

27. 4. 2017

In the USA, 274 000 people were injured when operating a lawn mower in 2015, of which over 12 000 were children. The numbers originate from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission. However, they do not indicate that most injuries are caused by a rotary mower or a string trimmer.


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