Swardman Electra – driving and mowing

Simplicity is power. We tried to stick to this motto when we developed the electronic control system for the battery-powered Electra. That is why we opted for just five control buttons with intuitive features.

Basic function – drive and mowing 

Electra is controlled with only two levers, one for the drive and the other for the mowing cylinder. The control is sensitive and reacts on the position of the lever. The more you push the lever, the faster the mower goes. The cylinder spins proportionately to the driving speed to maintain the number of revolutions. That means that a 5-blade cylinder cuts 60 times per meter, a 6-blade cylinder cuts 72 times per meter and a 10-blade cylinder 120 times per one meter.

Swardman Electra cylinder

If you spin the cylinder without driving, it will only reach the basic, decreased number of revs, 20 per cent of the maximum power. This is a safety measure. The full power of the cylinder will activate when the mower starts moving. The cylinder is activated with the “LOCK” button. After pushing it, the operating person has 1,5 seconds to start the cylinder with the control lever. If you do not push the lever in the given limit, the cylinder will not start working out of safety reasons. 

Because Electra loves working and hates to waste its energy, it will always enter stand-by mode after 60 seconds of inactiveness. 

Swardman Electra handlebars

Set up the speed the way you want it

Electric motors and the control unit enable the change in the maximum speed setting. It is a speed that Electra will drive at when pushing the drive lever maximally. The maximum speed can be adjusted by clicking the “+” button (to increase it) and the “-” button (to decrease it). One push of a button changes the speed by 0.3 km/h. The speed can be set between zero and 5.6 km/h. Thus, anyone can set up exactly the speed that fits them the best.

First mower with reverse gear

Additional unique control features include the ability to drive backwards. Yes, Electra can also back. You can activate the reverse drive by pressing and holding the "R" button. The speed is steadily set to "slow backward walking". The mower reverses until you release the button. This function, quite unusual for mowers, is invaluable; for example, when it comes to walls, shrubs, pools or other garden elements, and especially when parking the mower and handling it in a garage or a garden house.

Swardman Electra handlebars and phone holder

Advanced features

We came up with a special feature for advanced lawn lovers – regeneration mode, which enables the minimum speed with maximum number of cylinder revs. This is ideal for verticutting and brushing out thatch. The speed is adjustable according to the user’s preferences even in the regeneration mode.

When additional weight is an asset

The basic Electra model with working range of 45 cm and a Standard lead battery model weighs 53 kg. The model with 55 cm working range with the same battery will weigh 59 kg. The doubled capacity of the battery will increase the weight of Electra by 5 kg. The most powerful accumulator named Extra equals the weight of 53 kg (with working range of 45 cm) and 59 (with working range of 55 cm).

Swardman Electra electric motor

The weight of Electra is slightly higher than that of a petrol mower, but it is evenly distributed between the front and back roller, which makes the evening out of small uneven areas more effective and helps to maintain the set direction. Thanks to electric control system, the manipulation with Electra is even easier than with the Edwin petrol model, despite the higher weight. 

Multi-functionality 4 in 

Just like the older brother, Swardman Edwin, Electra is also endowed with a 4 in 1 system of interchangeable cartridges. You can transform your mower within 2 minutes into a verticutterscarifier or a rotary brush to apply sand into your lawn. This makes Electra a universal machine that handles complete care of an English-style lawn, helps you save significant amount of money for greenkeeping services and gives your lawn the best care.


Multi-functionality 4 in 1 - Verticutter, scarifier and rotary brush

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