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11. 1. 2018

Swardman Electra – driving and mowing

Simplicity is power. We tried to stick to this motto when we developed the electronic control system for the battery-powered Electra. That is why we opted for just five control buttons with intuitive features. More »
14. 12. 2017

Swardman Electra will bring peace to gardens

Up to 70 % of people want to implement some legislation that would limit noise in their town, especially during weekends. More than a half of communities already have such legislation in place. These are the outcomes of research conducted by Swardman on a sample of citizens and townships with over 1000 inhabitants. People complained the most about the noise from lawn mowing and wood cutting. More »
6. 12. 2017

Silent mowing revolution is here - Swardman Electra

Swardman introduces its second model line named Electra. It is the world’s first mower powered by two
electric motors. Electra is also the quietest real lawn mower in the world. In 2015 Swardman introduced its
first model Edwin, which was followed by Edwin 2.0 in September 2017. This makes Electra the third newly
introduced mower model in the past three years. More »
18. 8. 2017

How to irrigate your lawn in summer and save water

Insufficient water supply is one of the factors that put the grass under stress. Its immunity is decreased and the risk of fungal diseases grows. At the same time, the chance of a mechanical damage to the lawn is higher as well, which can lead to increased growth of weeds. This article will tell you how to irrigate correctly while saving water. More »
9. 8. 2017

Comparison of robotic and cylinder mowers

Is it even possible to compare these two machines? In the following text, we are going to attempt to explain the key differences between the two approaches to lawn mowing. One philosophy is based on the premise that the lawn will be mown by a machine instead of the owner. At the same time, you are not focused on the quality and a long-term sustainability of the lawn. On the other hand, there is a cylinder mower with a perfect cut, collection of the cut grass blades in a bin and a long-term effect and creation of an English-style lawn. More »
30. 6. 2017

SPECIAL SUMMER OFFER: FREE verticutter to every Swardman mower

The lawn season is nearly halfway through and it is time to do a little warehouse clearance. For those of you who are still hesitating whether it is the right time for a new machine, we would like to simplify the decision-making process. Therefore, we are offering a free verticutter cartridge worth 190 £ (219 €) or 210 £ (239 €) to every mower purchased until 20th August. More »
24. 3. 2017

New Season: 5 Springtime Tips for Tending Your Lawn

Sometimes less is more: this old truth has been often mentioned at this site and we are only reciting it again to the benefit of the upcoming growing season. This pays even twice when springtime takes the rule over your lawn. It is always better to tender your green area continuously, with moderate action and gentle care, rather than sporadic interventions – typically during a fervent weekend (fast-paced spring lawn mowing, verticutting, raking, etc.). More »
8. 1. 2017

Yes or no to entering the lawn during winter?

Much has already been written about walking on lawns during winter. Imagine a fresh strawberry, gently squeezed and allowed to freeze, then put into a bowl and allowed to thaw. Will it have the same structure that it did before freezing...? More »

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