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Pre-reserve your Swardman Electra accu cylinder mower

Become the first owner of the newest model of a super quiet cylinder accumulator mower Swardman Electra.
Electra targets those who emphasize the newest sustainable technologies, easy manipulation and minimal maintenance.
Electra is the first mower in the world with 2 independent electric motors for the drive and for cutting of grass blades.
Thanks to its accumulator, Electra is the quietest real mower in the world that does not chop the grass but trims it.
Electra was developed and is manufactured in the Czech Republic, with emphasis on quality of manufacturing and materials with a minimal share of plastic parts.
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Why reserve Electra?

  1. You will be among the first owner of the most modern mower on the market.
  2. The delivery of Electras will take place in May 2018.
  3. You will begin the new lawn season with your new super quiet mower.
  4. You will be among the first people to discover the detailed technical information and the exact price of the mower.
  5. The reservation does not bind you to purchase and is completely free of charge.
accu cylinder mower Swardman Electra

Pre-reserve your Swardman Electra accu cylinder mower

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