• Swardman Edwin 2.1

    Walk-behind petrol cylinder mower

  • Swardman Edwin 2.1

    Walk-behind petrol cylinder mower

  • Swardman Edwin 2.1

    Walk-behind petrol cylinder mower


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Edwin - petrol

Cylinder lawn mower Edwin 2.1 Standard 45

Edwin 2.1 Standard 45

2.010 Eur


The Swardman Edwin cylinder mower with drive and working range of 45 cm (18”) is suitable for smaller and more diversified lawns up to 600 m2. It stands out with its easy operation, surprisingly quiet and economical Kawasaki engine and durability. Edwin Standard is manufactured in a grey-silver colour and equipped with a 5-blade cylinder that ensures a perfect cut of grass blades.

Cylinder lawn mower Edwin 2.1 Standard 55

Edwin 2.1 Standard 55

2.310 Eur


The Swardman Edwin cylinder mower with drive and working range of 55 cm (22”) is suitable for larger lawns with the area up to 2000 m2. In addition to a working range wider by 10 cm, the Edwin Standard 55 model also has a bigger grass box by 10 litres. The rest of the parameters is identical to the smaller model. You can also rely on an easy operation, quiet and economical Kawasaki engine and durability.

Cylinder lawn mower Edwin Special

Edwin 2.1 Special

From 2.010 Eur


The Swardman Special models are designed for the customers that require quality without compromise. You can choose from over 200 colours. Treat yourself with luxurious leather-covered handlebars or LED lights for late shifts. Choose from either metal or carbon bonnet. Let the lawn mowing become your hobby!


Precise lawn cut

Edwin impersonates precise cut of the grass on the scissor-like principle. It also copies uneven terrain and thus is able to evenly mow a modulated lawn and create beautiful stripes on it.

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Top-class technology

Kawasaki engine

Kawasaki engine

Edwin 2.1 is powered by a reliable 4-stroke Kawasaki OHV engine with low consumption and emissions and 2.5 HP. Edwin is also the quietest gas-powered mower in the world.

Full-metal chasis

Full-metal chasis

Swardman mowers use a minimum amount of plastic parts. The entire mower is designed for a long life span and high reliability. Optionally, it is possible to deliver a lightweight carbon bonnet or to choose from a 200-color palette.

Easy upkeep and sharpening

Easy upkeep and sharpening

Forget about the complicated cleaning of the lawn mower after work. After mowing, simply brush the mower off or use a leaf blower to remove grass clippings. In normal operation, it is enough to have the reel and bedknife sharpened once a year by mail-in service.

Premium design

Design means a combination of aesthetics and functionality. See for yourself in a 3D view.

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prémiový design

Exchangeable cartridges

Swardman Edwin 2.1 will provide your lawn with complex care thanks to exchangeable cartridges that will alow to transform your mower into a verticutter, scarifier or sand brush within 2 minutes.



Scarifier or dethatcher, if you like, cleans the lawn from old thatch and grass after verticutting, gets rid of needles, little stones or bark. It also brushes the grass and highlights the stripes.



Verticutter is used to cut the lawn vertically. This removes the longer sprouts of grasses, allows it to thicken again and cleans the lawn of withered remains.

Cylinder 5, 6 and 10 blades

Cylinder 5, 6 and 10 blades

A high cutting frequency of 60, 72 or 120 cuts per meter will ensure the maximum of cut grass blades, which leads to a perfectly mowed lawn.

Rotary brush

Rotary brush

For easy application of sand into the lawn during sanding after aeration process and for highlighting of stripes.

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Lawn and mower care

Our customers’ testimonials

I have bought a Swardman Edwin with a 55 cm cutting width to deal with 1600 sqm of Agrostis stolonifera perennial grass from the Poaceae family which my father in law and I have seeded in our gardens. There are two things that impress me about this mower. The first one is the very high quality: every single component looks like having been designed to last and to be nice looking. I love the possibility of converting the mower into a scarifier or a verticutter in one minute. The second one is its quietness; I used to own other mowers, both rotary and cylindric, and none of them was close enough to be as quite as this one. You are not going to worry anymore about bothering your neighbours. Swardman is overall an outstanding product. I’m very happy to have purchased it!
Alessio Biasutto, Dolo

Alessio Biasutto, Dolo Venice, Italy

I have had my mower shipped and it was so easy to put it into operation. Mowing with it is a pleasure. The results of mowing are perfect and the surface is smooth. Pure joy to look at! There are no unevenness on the surface or visible individual cuts. The exchange of cartridges from the mowing cylinder to the scarifier is very fast and simple and works perfectly. All felts and old grass are swept straight into the grass box. The Swardman Edwin cylinder mower, with its 3 cassettes, is destined for complete lawn care and above all for the perfect mowing results. Thank you for your fair and friendly conduct.
Trausmuth Erika and Heinz

Trausmuth Erika and Heinz Theresienfeld, Austria

I can really tell it is a pleasure to use the Swardman Edwin on my lawn. Having a busy and stressful job, mowing the lawn and creating striped patterns, is actually a good meditation and stress relief. Actually the joy is even doubled… since the reward comes with the view. Our family has never spent more time in the garden than last summer. And besides the good weather, the look of the garden and lawn had not to be underestimated.
Jan Torfs

Jan Torfs Izegem, Belgium

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