Swardman Edwin 2.1 45

Swardman Edwin 2.1 45

Gas reel mower
Edwin 2.1 Standard 45 cm. Self-propelled gas reel lawn mower with 45 cm (18 in) working range. Designed for lawns up to 600 sqm (6500 sqft). Choose a Standard version with all basic functions or configure your own custom mower.
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Swardman Edwin 2.1 reel mowers are designed for every lover of a low-cut lawn; for those who require the highest quality of the lawn as well as of the machine that they take care of it with.

When constructing their mowers, Swardman puts emphasis on high quality of materials and top class manufacturing to ensure the most gentle and precise cutting of grass blades on a scissor-like principle.

The model series Edwin 2.1 is equipped with a 4-stroke petrol Briggs & Stratton engine, which powers the drive of the mower, as well as the mowing cartridge or regenerative cartridges. A multifunctional system of regenerative cartridges can transform Edwin into a verticutter, scarifier/dethatcher or a rotary brush for sand application within two minutes.


The Swardman Edwin 2.1 Standard 45 model is delivered with a working range of 45 centimetres (18 inches) in an anthracite colour with a 5-blade reel. This working width is designated for lawn areas up to 600 m2 (6500 ft2) thanks to its great manoeuvrability, it is perfect for modulated lawns with multiple obstacles like ponds, bushes or children’s playgrounds.

Swardman Edwin 2.1 reel mower on a black background

Production, materials and design

Swardman mowers are completely developed in the Czech Republic and manufactured in our own facility. We manufacture a vast majority of parts ourselves. For some parts, we cooperate with premium European suppliers. A robust, fully-metal construction with a minimum of plastic parts emphasises high reliability and longevity of the product with minimal impact on the environment.

Swardman Edwin 2.1 reel mower on a lawn

Strong, quiet and reliable Briggs & Stratton engine

A 4-stroke Briggs & Stratton OHV engine with 127 cc displacement and a gross torque of 5.5 ft-lbs (7.4 Nm) is an ideal combination for easy upkeep, low weight, consumption and CO2 emissions. However, the biggest advantage of the engine is its extremely quiet operation that makes Swardman Edwin 2.1 the quietest gas mower in the world, with the noise level at the operator’s ear at only 77 dB.

Clean cut on a scissor-like principle

Reel mowers, unlike rotary or robotic mowers, do not slash the grass; they cut it. When developing the Edwin, the goal was to create the best reel lawn mower in the world, with a perfect cut on a scissor-like principle for low-cut, English-style lawns. A perfect cut without frayed grass blades gives the lawn less stress, greener appearance and higher resistance against diseases and pest.

Swardman reel blades detail

Striped lawn instead of wheel traces

Reel mowers move on rollers, not on wheels. The rollers are gentler to the lawn thanks to the even weight distribution, they do not leave wheel traces, and they are responsible for the striped effect on the lawn. The front roller flattens the grass blades to make them rise again, and the reel trims them cleanly against the bedknife. The rear roller with a differential constantly evens out small surface bumps, prevents scalping, enables easy manipulation and turning on one spot.

Edwin 2.1 rollers

Multifunctional system of cartridges 5 in 1

A system of interchangeable cartridges 5 in 1 allows you to choose from a 5-blade, a 6-blade or a 10-blade reels, or from the selection of regenerative cartridges. With these cartridges, you can transform your mower into a verticutter, scarifier/dethatcher, groomer or a rotary brush for sand application within 2 minutes. This makes Edwin 2.1 a universal machine that allows complete English-style lawn care. It will also save you substantial expenses for greenkeeping services and will provide your turf with the best care.

Swardman exchangeable cartridge system

Custom configuration

Lawn mowing should be a joy. Therefore, Swardman is offering you a possibility to individually configure a mower exactly according to your needs. You can choose from over 200 colour shades, you can have your handlebars coated with the same luxury leather that is used for Porsche steering wheels, or you can add a cup holder and much more.

Swardman leather grips

Product parameters

Model Edwin 45 Standard
Working range (cm) 45
Height of cut (mm) 4 - 45
Theoretical performance (m2/h) 2700
Number of reel blades 5
Cuts per meter 60
Engine - power (kW) 2.40
Engine - displacement (cm3) 127
Fuel tank capacity (l) 1.90
Grassbox capacity 40 l
Handlebars - minimum height (cm) 85
Handlebars - maximum height (cm) 115
Maximum overall machine width (cm) 54
Weight (kg) 49
Maximum mowing speed (km/h) 6.00
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