Swardman Electra 2.0 55

Swardman Electra 2.0 55

Accu reel mower
The new Swardman Electra 2.0 reel mower offers an ideal combination of power, quiet operation, and minimal service costs while being friendly for the environment.
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The Swardman Electra 2.0 cordless reel lawn mower is an evolution of the successful first-generation model, coming with several key improvements and innovative solutions for an even better user experience and mowing results. At the same time, it manages to retain all the great features of the original model, such as extremely quiet operation, minimal service costs, and environmental friendliness. Electra 2.0 is the quietest lawn mower in the world. Its noise level is approximately 5 times lower than that of conventional rotary mowers, therefore, in addition to you, your neighbors will also enjoy it.

The Swardman Electra 2.0 Can Mow up to 18 300 sqft on a Single Charge.

Even in its basic configuration, the Swardman Electra 2.0 comes with a state-of-the-art LiFePO4 battery. Thanks to this lithium-iron-phosphate battery, the Electra 2.0 can mow a lawn up to 18 300 sqft in size in one go, which is 3 200 sqft more than the first-generation machine. With this battery, the Swardman Electra 2.0 becomes an efficient lawn care tool. Enjoy frequent mowing and lawn regeneration work without the need of constant recharging.

Swardman Electra 2.0  Battery

Intelligent Charging.

The Electra 2.0 now comes with an intelligent charging function. Thanks to a sophisticated BMS of the battery, the individual battery cells are charged more evenly and in a gentler way. What is more, the temperature and voltage of the battery are also monitored during charging. The BMS also protects the battery from extreme voltage drops and therefore prevents its undercharging. All these advanced features help to achieve longer battery life, durability, and exceptional reliability.
Swardman Electra 2.0 BMS

The Most Advanced Software.

While developing Electra 2.0, we have not only followed the trend in the world of reel mowers, but also pushed the boundaries of what is possible, creating sophisticated software that not only optimizes performance, but also emphasizes user-friendliness. The software and hardware of the mower is ready for future connectivity with a smartphone and a smart app. For more advanced lawn-lovers out there, we have developed a special moderegeneration mode. It allows the mower to ride at minimum speed while at maximum reel RPM. This option is great for verticutting as well as combing grass felt.

Swardman Electra 2.0  Software

Modified Bodywork, Raised Side Cover.

Thanks to modifications to the body and the raised side cover, you can now create perfectly straight and sharp stripes while mowing the lawn. The side cover is now at a sufficient distance above the ground even when setting the maximum or minimum cutting height. The mower body is therefore better protected against scratches from the ground surface when mowing. Transporting the mower on hard surfaces is also safer.

Swardman Electra 2.0  Raised Side Cover

Fabric Grass Catcher.

The Electra 2.0 comes with an innovation in the form of a choice – you can now choose a grass catcher made from fabric instead of a traditional metal one. Changing the material of the grass catcher is not just a matter of aesthetic appeal. The fabric grass catcher is 30% lighter than the grass catcher made from metal and, thanks to the transparency of the fabric, you can now easily see how full the grass catcher is even while you are working. Visual inspection allows you to empty the catcher in pre-planned locations, which in turn increases the efficiency of your mowing. In this elegant and functional way, the fabric grass catcher makes it easier to work with the mower and more convenient to take care of your lawn.

Swardman Electra 2.0 Fabric Grass Catcher

Even Weight Distribution.

One of key design features of the new Swardman Electra 2.0 is its even weight distribution which contributes to optimum stability and comfortable handling during mowing. When developing Electra, the designers placed great emphasis on weight distribution to ensure the mower is as balanced as possible, allowing it to move smoothly over a variety of lawns. The perfect weight distribution ensures that the lawn is cut evenly across the entire working width of the machine.

The Swardman Electra 2.0 thus delivers a comprehensive set of improvements that take the quality of cordless reel mowers to a whole new level, delivering optimal results and user satisfaction.

Swardman Electra 2.0  Front

The Best Cut Quality.

Unlike rotary or robotic mowers, reel lawn mowers do not cut grass – they trim it. The goal of a reel mower is to cut the lawn as gently as possible so it looks great, recovers quickly, and can grow and thicken in a healthy way. The Electra 2.0 is a great tool for that, whether in a 5, 6, or 10-blade configuration.

Swardman cutting cylinder

Easy to Use, No Cables Necessary.

Since its first-generation model, the Swardman Electra has been designed for freedom of movement without cables and with an emphasis on easy and intuitive handling, and the second-generation model embodies these values, too. Even a more subtle person can handle it without any problems. The machine is easy to start and operate via buttons located on the handlebars and two electronic levers for mowing and propelling. The speed can be easily adjusted with buttons on the control panel. As the only hand-guided mower in the world, Electra has a reverse gear which makes it easier to maneuver or, for example, to park.

Swardman Electra handlebars

Multifunctionality 5 in 1 – mowing, verticutting, brushing and sand application.

Just like the petrol model Edwin, Electra prides itself with a 5 in 1 system of exchangeable cartridges. Choose from a 5-, 6-, or 10-blade mowing cylinder or regenerative cartridges. They will help you transform your mower into a verticutter, scarifier, groomer or a rotary brush within 2 minutes, and make Electra a universal machine for complete care for an English-style lawn. It will also save you substantial costs for greenkeeping services and will provide the best care for your lawn.

Swardman exchangeable cartridge system

New Base Color.

The Swardman Electra 2.0 is now available in its standard configuration in a modern olive color that underlines the mower's premium design. The powder paint used is of high quality and stands out for its high scratch resistance.

Swardman Electra 2.0 custom configuration

Product parameters

Model Electra 2.0 55 Standard
Working range (cm) 45
Height of cut (mm) 4 - 45
Theoretical performance (m2/h) 2385
Grassbox capacity 40 l
Handlebars - minimum height (cm) 85
Handlebars - maximum height (cm) 115
Maximum overall machine width (cm) 69
Maximum mowing speed (km/h) 5.30
Battery type LiFePO4
Area mowed on one charge cycle 1700 m2
Cartridge electric motor 500 W
Drive electric motor 200 W
Weight (kg) 53
Battery capacity (Ah) 20
Number of reel blades 5
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