Swardman Enters the US Market

August 01, 2022
Swardman products have been available on the American market for more than 4 years thanks to the great work of our dealers. During this time, thousands of Edwins and Electras have found their owners and the USA has become one of the largest markets for Swardman. Today, we are very excited to announce that we are opening the first official Swardman store in the United States of America.
Swardman Enters the US Market

New Branch in Johnson City

Swardman’s new US branch will be located in Johnson City, TN, from where all orders will be shipped. Mowers in various configurations, reels, regeneration cartridges, and all other accessories for both mower models will be in stock there. Of course, all our spare parts and hand tools for advanced lawn care will also be available. By selling our products directly to end customers, we will significantly increase the quality of service, the availability of Swardman products in the USA, and, most importantly, the speed of delivery.

Online Sales

You can order Swardman products even now by email at sales@swardman.com. We will be glad to help you with the configuration of your mower. The official online shop for the United States will be launched in September. The online shop will also include a full-featured mower configurator tool which will allow our customers to customize their mower to their exact needs. For example, you will be able to choose the number of reel blades, regeneration cartridges, smooth or profiled roller, body color, leather handle, transport wheels, dirt wipers and much more. In this way, we bring features to the garden technology that are more common in the automotive industry. Thanks to the option of customization, every Swardman mower is a unique product.
“Swardman places great emphasis on its individual approach to customers. For us at Swardman, selling mowers is not just a mere business. We love our lawns and our customers. By manufacturing and selling reel mowers, we help our clients fulfill their dreams of a perfect lawn. That exactly is the main goal of our business and the main reason why Swardman exists. “In order to be able to fulfill our mission, we have decided to open our first official branch in the USA to be as close to our customers as possible.” says Michael Suchanka, CEO of the company.

Swardman enters US market

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