Swardman Electra

15 000 sqft on one charge.
Zero emission.
No noise.

Precise cut.
Precise cut.
Exceptional design.
Exceptional design.

Battery powered mowers

no CTA Block
Precise cut

Precise cut.

Unlike rotary mowers, reel mowers do not mow the lawn, but cut it. Thanks to the precise cut, the lawn is denser, healthier, greener and less water evaporates from it.

Easy maintenance

Easy maintenance. Low operating costs.

Thanks to Swardman mowers, creating an English lawn and maintaining it is a breeze. The maintenance of our mowers is just as easy. After mowing, simply clean the grass stalks from the mower with a brush. To maintain a precise cut, sharpen the cylinder and lower knife once a year.
Striped effect

Striped effect.

Swardman mowers have no wheels, but move on two rollers. This gives you the typical striped effect of an English style lawn without wheel tracks. Thanks to the rollers, the mower perfectly copies the unevenness of the lawn and thus prevents scalping. Handling the mower is easy and fast.

Comparison of rotary and reel mower.

The basis of every beautiful lawn is quality mowing. Unlike rotary mowers, reel mowers cut the lawn like scissors. Thanks to the precise cut, the lawn is dense, healthy, always green and less water evaporates from it. If you are worried about whether a reel mower is the right choice for you just watch the video comparing Swardman reel mowers with classic rotary mowers.
One machine, multiple uses
One machine, multiple uses

One machine, multiple uses.

One machine for complete lawn care.
  • Reel 5, 6 or 10 blades. Choose the right cylinder for your lawn.
  • Scarifier Removes grass thatch and dirt - needles, stones, bark.
  • Verticutter Cleans the lawn. More light, better water infiltration, more nutrients.
  • Rotary brush Incorporates sand after aeration. Highlights the striped effect.
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