Cartridge 55 - 5-blade reel

Cartridge 55 - 5-blade reel

A removable cartridge for the Swardman 55 reel mower.
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The 5-blade reel is suitable for less-frequent mowing. Its advantage lies in its ability to mow higher grass than the 6 or 10-blade reel.

We recommend the 5-blade reel to customers who have just started using a reel mower. It is also suitable for situations where the lawn grows faster and the mowing frequency is not as high.

The advantage of the cartridge system is that you do not have to send you entire mower for sharpening, you just send the cartridge with the bedknife. The cartridge system is unique and thanks to it, the mower can be used for more functions with other Swardman cartridges.

The cutting frequency is 60 cuts per meter.

Product parameters

Height of cut (mm) 5 - 45
Number of reel blades 5
Cuts per meter 60
(including VAT) Free shipping from $2,599