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Swardman introduces the new Edwin 2.1

Swardman presents an innovative model of the Edwin reel mower. Its name is Edwin 2.1 and it is the successor of the Edwin 2.0 model introduced by Swardman in 2017. The Swardman Edwin 2.1 comes with a number of innovations and enhancements to provide even better grass cuts, easier operation and handling as well as the extended lifetime of the machine. The mower can be ordered as early as on 10th January.

We try to approach our products so that if we can make something better or in better quality, we try to implement these modifications as soon as possible. The merger with the company Moraviakov, which we recently announced, made our effort to continually improve our mowers much easier. But now we've got a lot of news at once, and that's why we're introducing the Edwin 2.1. It is also important for the development of our machines that, thanks to Swardman's export expansion, we receive feedback from customers from all over the world, especially from America and Australia. We do not take the suggestions for improvement and wishes from our customers lightly. Edwin 2.1 is proof of this.” says Swardman CEO Martin Bulíř, introducing this innovation for the 2020 season.

Swardman introduces Edwin 2.1

The main enhancements of the new model include a completely reworked reel, a stronger handlebar profile, making it easier to handle the lawn mower when cutting rugged gardens and new transport wheels. We also responded to the customer comments and reworked the components inside the mower. These include components inside the rear roller or mower drive system.

Our mowers are now certified by prestigous company TÜV SÜD Czech.

Swardman Edwin 2.1

What’s new in Swardman Edwin 2.1

  1. A new reel – The reel blades are made of higher quality steel, which guarantees higher durability and a longer service life. The reel cut adjustment is also easier and faster. Moreover, it is not necessary to adjust the cut so often.

New reel Swardman Edwin 2.1

  1. More even filling of the grass catcher – The reel blades are now made with a different geometry, which makes the filling of the grass catcher with grass more even. Therefore, you don't have to empty the grass catcher so often.
  1. A stronger handlebar profile – We have reinforced the handlebar profile to make the usage of the mower easier and more convenient.

New handlebars Swardman Edwin 2.1

  1. Transport wheels – We have reinforced the transport wheels. This prevents excessive wear on their structure. The crossing of paved roads has never been more comfortable. The rubber of the wheels is also more durable.

Edwin 2.1 transport wheels

  1. New matte colours available – Now you can configure your mower in new matte colours. One of them is matte orange, which you can see in the product photos in this article.

Swardman Edwin 2.1 matte colors

The working range remains the same. So, you can choose from the 45 cm or 55 cm models. You can now purchase the mower in the Standard version, which is delivered with a 5-blade reel and in anthracite colour, or you can configure the mower exactly to your wishes and needs. If you decide for your own configuration, you can fit your mower with a 5, 6 or 10 blade reel, get replaceable cartridges for regenerative interventions, choose leather handlebars, a profiled front roller or cup holder, and last but not least, you can choose the body colour from a wide range of colour shades. Coming on 10th January.

US based customers, to purchase this reel mower, please visit,  our stateside distributor. 

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