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Swardman introduces new mower Edwin 2.0

Swardman comes with a new generation of a reel mower, under the name Edwin 2.0. It is a successor of the Edwin model that was introduced in 2015. Swardman Edwin 2.0 comes with a number of novelties and enhancements that ensure an even higher quality of grass blade cut, easier operation and manipulation and further improves the longevity of the machine. The price remains unchanged. The basic model with working range of 45 cm retails for 2499 USD. You can order the mower right now.

“We are trying to reflect the wishes and suggestions of our customers, react as promptly as possible and always offer the best we are capable of. Since the introduction of the first Edwin, we have implemented over a hundred minor innovations. The way we approach our product is whenever we are able to make something better and of a higher quality, we strive to implement these changes as fast as possible and not wait until the demand for the original model starts to fall. However, there have been so many innovations that we had to roll out an entirely new model, Edwin 2.0,” says Tomas Sena, founder and CEO of Swardman, introducing the new product for season 2018.

Cylinder lawn mower Swardman Edwin 2.0

The main enhancements of the new generation of Swardman mowers include a new mowing height adjustment system, a reinforced frame of the removable reel cartridge with a new bedknife that ensures an even more precise cut and higher longevity, more even filling of the grassbox, or an augmented frame and an increase of clear height of the chassis by 10 mm above the ground level.

The price of the new Swardman Edwin 2.0 model remains unchanged; for a standard equipment in an anthracite light pearl colour with working range of 45 cm, the price is set at 2499 USD. The wider model with working range of 55 cm costs 2799 USD. The customers can pick from a variety of accessories, mowing cartridges with 5, 6 or 10 blades and regenerative cartridges, while being able to choose from over 200 colours.

Swardman Edwin 2.0

Swardman is more of a tech company than a traditional garden technology manufacturer. That is why we named our new model Edwin 2.0, which might be typical for electronics manufacturers or software developers. The “2.0” signalises our determination to constantly come up with innovations and move forward with every little change.

The Swardman mowers are not only premium-class tools for the upkeep of an English-style lawn; they are family members, helping to create a pleasant environment for the entire family and friends.

New features of Swardman Edwin 2.0

  1. New way of mowing height adjustment with a lever – easier and quicker setup of the height with a lever with a quick-release binder versus the original screw adjustment. Easier and faster exchange of cartridges between mowing, verticutting and brushing. Mowing height scale is now placed on the left side cover.

Adjustment cylinder mower Swardman Edwin 2.0.

  1. Reinforced frame of the reel cartridge and new bedknife – Increased firmness and resistance means more precise mowing, less adjusting of the reel and increased longevity of the cartridges.

Lawn cylinder catridge

  1. More even filling of grassbox – the grassbox is being filled more evenly thanks to the improved construction of the mowing cartridge. The intervals between emptying the box are therefore longer.
  1. New shape of side covers – the side covers are placed 10 mm higher over the ground level, which ensures better permeability through uneven surfaces or higher grass and makes verticutting easier. During the mowing, the machine highlights the striped effect; the stripe transitions are sharper now.

Changing the shape of the side cover of the cylinder mower Edwin 2.0

  1. Nová barva Antracit u Edwin 2.0 standard – Nová antracitová barva u základního provedení Edwin 2.0 standard s perleťovým efektem, matnou strukturou odolnější proti poškrábání, ulpívání trávy a nečistot.

Anthracite color of the cylinder mower Edwin 2.0.

  1. Firmer chassis – a reinforced and firmer construction of the Edwin 2.0 mower frame sustains more difficult operation and semi-professional use without any problems.

Stronger chassis cylinder mower Edwin 2.0.

  1. Decreased noise level and vibrations – an anti-vibration rubber washer under the engine decreases vibrations and noise on a dense ground. It lowers the total acoustic performance of the machine.
  2. Guide rails for exchangeable cartridges – new guide rails ensure easier and quicker exchange of mowing and regenerative cartridges.

Guide rails cylinder mower Edwin 2.0.

  1. Improved front console – improves the mowing of higher grass.

Advanced front console cylinder mower Edwin 2.0.

  1. Deeper and more thorough verticutting – thanks to alterations in the chassis, it is now possible to perform more effective verticutting, as it increases the effectiveness of the verticutting cartridge.

Deeper verticalization cylinder mower Edwin 2.0.

Find out about the qualities of Swardman Edwin 2.0 by yourself

You can experience the new generation of reel mowers Swardman Edwin 2.0 thanks to our Test drive service on your own lawn. We will bring the machine to your home, demonstrate its benefits and you can try out the great manoeuvrability, driving through critical spots in your garden, and the exchangeable cartridge system that makes Swardman mowers truly universal tools for complete lawn care.

Special autumn offer on mower purchase

Autumn is an important time that determines the well-being of the lawn in the following season. A perfectly cut and healthy lawn, free from thatch and dead grass, in fall equals a much lower risk of the mould during winter and spring. Therefore, Swardman presents you to one more incentive to buy a mower during the autumn season:

Extended warranty until 2020 – Mowers bought until the end of this year will have their warranty extended until March 31st, 2020.

You can order the Swardman Edwin 2.0 Standard with 45 cm or 55 cm working range or you can configure your own custom-made mower, Swardman Edwin 2.0 Special. Should you have any further questions or if you wish to make a special offer, contact us directly through our sales managers.

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