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Electra Special 55 Configurator

Total: 3.059 EUR



Due to the perfect tracking of ground, the rollers eliminate the "scalping" of lawn and provide con-tinuous levelling of small unevennesses of ground.

The smooth front roller enables the easy manipulation as well as the trouble-free mowing near the firm borders of lawn.


The grooved front roller holds the drive direction well, and increases the pressure on the lawn;  which provides a better cut in dense grass.

+ 160 EUR

The wiper removes dirt, leaves, etc., that may adhere to the rear roller. In this way the constant cutting height is maintained - even under unfavourable conditions. At the same time it eliminates the bringing the dirt - e.g. into the garage.

+ 30 EUR

The wiper removes dirt that may adhere to the front roller. In this way, a constant cutting height is maintained - even under unfavourable conditions. Its use in combination with grooved front roller is not suitable.

+ 30 EUR

A useful helper that will facilitate, quieten and speed up the transport of the mower on hard surfaces. It also protects the rear roller against wear.

+ 59 EUR

The wheels facilitate occasional mowing of higher grass - e.g. after your holiday.

+ 19 EUR
Total: 3.059 EUR


Electra Special 55 2.480 EUR
Accumulator: Extra included
Mowing cartridges: 5-blade cylinder 430 EUR
Rollers: Smooth stainless steel included
Grass box: Grass-collector 50 L - metal included
Color range: Silver matte included
Color range: Custom color 149 EUR
Handlebars: Plastic-coated included