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Electra Special 55 Configurator

Total: 3.059 EUR

Regeneration cartridges

The regeneration cartridges will help you to increase quality of lawn. With the use of these cartridges, the quality of lawn will improve and get closer to an “English-style” lawn. Dispose the old grass, felt and heavy weed; provide your lawn with sufficient light and air with verticutting or scarifying.

The optimal frequency of verticutting is five times a year. The best time for that is before every application of fertiliser.

+ 250 EUR

The rotary brush accelerates and facilitates the embedding of sand into the lawn after the aeration, and it will also help in embedding of material at top-dressing. Delivered with protective cover.

+ 310 EUR

The scarifier will clean the lawn perfectly - all impurities including the waste from vertical cutting will be removed. Also the access of air to the roots will be improved. The optimal frequency for scarifying is once a month.

+ 370 EUR
Total: 3.059 EUR


Electra Special 55 2.480 EUR
Accumulator: Extra included
Mowing cartridges: 5-blade cylinder 430 EUR
Rollers: Smooth stainless steel included
Grass box: Grass-collector 50 L - metal included
Color range: Silver matte included
Color range: Custom color 149 EUR
Handlebars: Plastic-coated included