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Electra Special 55 Configurator

Total: 3.059 EUR



The Electra Special configuration comes with powerful LiFePO4 accumulator, a lithium-iron-phosphate battery called Extra, which is able to power Electra for up to 15.000 ft( 1.400 m2) of lawn. It is made to deal with most sizes of lawns and is also suitable for frequent mowing and extensive regenerative activities - verticutting, dethatching, sanding.

LiFePO4 is a lithium-iron-phosphate accumulator. Mowing capacity 1400 m2. Weight 5,2 kg. Suitable for larger areas, verticutting or brushing. Lifespan 10.000 cycles.

Total: 3.059 EUR


Electra Special 55 2.480 EUR
Accumulator: Extra included
Mowing cartridges: 5-blade cylinder 430 EUR
Rollers: Smooth stainless steel included
Grass box: Grass-collector 50 L - metal included
Color range: Silver matte included
Color range: Custom color 149 EUR
Handlebars: Plastic-coated included