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Edwin 2.1 Special 45 Configurator

Total: 2.010 EUR

Mowing cartridges

The mowing cylinders include 5, 6, or 10 blades. Generally said - more blades mean more precise cutting of rich lawn, and lower and more frequent mowing. Reel with fewer knives is more suitable for beginners and for higher cut.

The 5-blade cylinder is suitable for beginners, for less frequent mowing (approximately every 5 days), and for higher cut (more than 20 mm). Mowing frequency is 60 cuts per meter.

+ 370 EUR

The 6-blade cylinder is suitable for mowing of lawn with higher density, with the mowing once a week. Mowing frequency is 72 cuts per meter.

+ 420 EUR

The 10-blade cylinder is suitable for 3 to 7 mowings per week and for very low and dense lawn. It is also suitable for maintenance of home-greens. Mowing frequency is 120 cuts per meter.

+ 480 EUR

Artificial grass cleaner cleans your artificial grass from leaves, needles, little rocks and other small objects. 

+ 670 EUR
Total: 2.010 EUR


Edwin 2.1 Special 45 1.640 EUR
Mowing cartridges: 5-blade cylinder 370 EUR
Rollers: Smooth stainless steel included
Grass box: Grass-collector 40 L - metal included
Color range: Anthracite included
Handlebars: Plastic-coated included