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Wheels for tall grass

Helps cutting taller grass. Suitable for both the 45 and 55 models.
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19 € including VAT


Wheels for taller grass are an emergency solution for  mowing taller grass. They are most often used after holiday when the lawn is not mowed.

The wheels are installed in place of the front roller. Thanks to the wheels, the mower gains characteristics that partially eliminate the breaking of long straws, thus making their cutting easier. Even so, it is necessary to keep in mind that an overgrown lawn needs to be mown several times in order to mow straws that were not cut the first time. 

With the wheels installed, the mower has a lower rigidity and does not follow the terrain as well. Therefore, the wheels are recommended for mowing grass taller than 30mm. We recommend using the front roller as much as possible, because it provides the machine with exceptional properties in terrain following and blade protection.

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