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Cartridge 55 - Verticutter

Verticutter - a removable cartridge for Swardman mowers with range of 55 cm.
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250 € including VAT


The verticutter can be used quickly and easily. This is a removable Swardman cartridge. Change your lawn mower into a verticutter within a minute. It is therefore easy to carry out verticutting more often, faster and with less energy spent.

Generally speaking, the more dense a lawn is, the more it needs verticutting. In English-type lawns, verticutting is carried out every 5 to 6 weeks. This means 5 times per season in Central European conditions.

Verticutting is used to cut the lawn vertically. This removes the longer sprouts of grasses, and cleans the lawn of withered remains.

The Swardman verticutter saves you storage space, service expenses and increases Edwin’s useful value.

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