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Cartridge 55 - 10-blade cylinder

A 10-blade cylinder inside a cartridge system for the Swardman 55 mower.
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This removable cartridge can be used on golf courses or by the average user who enjoys mowing more than twice a week. The high cutting rate ensures a maximum of cut straws, which leads to a perfectly-mown lawn.

In denser lawns similar to golf greens, you can create the “corduroy effect” - notches in the lawn by using a cylinder with a lower cut rate A high cut rate can eliminate this effect and straighten the densest lawns.

The ideal use of this cylinder is when mowing shorter than 15 mm.

The cutting rate is 120 cuts per meter.


Brand Swardman
Mowing system Cylinder
Working range 55 cm
Cut height 5 - 45 mm
Number of cylinder blades 10
Cuts per meter 120
Lower blade screws 10
Country of origin (manufacturing) Czech Republic
Manual English

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