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About Swardman

Swardman, s.r.o. with headquarters in Šardice, Czech Republic and its own production near Pilsen, a mother town of pilsner beer, develops, produces and retails premium reel lawn mowers for home use. It also provides a complete service of the mowers. The company was founded in 2013 by Tomas Sena, with a vision of becoming a producer of the best reel mowers in the world.

A high-quality reel mower is a necessary tool for anyone who loves a perfect striped lawn, for those who do not settle for a standard solution – neither in quality of the lawn nor in the machine that takes care of it. Swardman is for those with a passion for lawns.

During the production process, Swardman emphasizes easy manipulation, quality of materials and top-notch manufacturing that ensures the perfect, precise cut. Additionally, Swardman sells accessories and provides consulting that is necessary for the upkeep of a perfect low cut lawn.

Swardman has 50 employees (January 1, 2020). From 2015 to 2017 the company had several hundreds of new customers, mainly in the Czech Republic, Germany, France and other EU countries. Since 2017 the company has been focused on export to EU countries, the USA and Australia and has increased its production significantly.

Our customers’ testimonials

I’ve only had the Swardman Edwin 2.0 with 22-inch cutting width for a few months now and haven’t had a chance to use my verticutter attachment yet. So far, I love it! I mow at ¾” and it cuts great both on my leveled back lawn and sloped front lawn. It is easy to set the blade to bed knife. Thanks to the mower’s design it is also easy to change out parts when needed. What more could you ask for in a mower?
Ryan Johnson, St. George, Utah

Ryan Johnson, St. George, Utah USA

I have bought a Swardman Edwin with a 55 cm cutting width to deal with 1600 sqm of Agrostis stolonifera perennial grass from the Poaceae family which my father in law and I have seeded in our gardens. There are two things that impress me about this mower. The first one is the very high quality: every single component looks like having been designed to last and to be nice looking. I love the possibility of converting the mower into a scarifier or a verticutter in one minute. The second one is its quietness; I used to own other mowers, both rotary and cylindric, and none of them was close enough to be as quite as this one. You are not going to worry anymore about bothering your neighbours. Swardman is overall an outstanding product. I’m very happy to have purchased it!
Alessio Biasutto, Dolo

Alessio Biasutto, Dolo Venice, Italy

My experience with the mower has been mostly positive. The packaging and care of the Swardman is similar to opening up an Apple product. My expectations for this mower were extremely high. The fact that my expectations were met is a true testament to the quality of craftsmanship in this machine. My first true use of the mower was to use the rotary brush cartridge to clean and stripe my Dad’s artificial turf. It handled this job flawlessly. The turf looks brand new and when I went to using the grass catcher, the brush was able to pick up anything that was put in its path. By the way, it is very easy to replace the cartridges. I then used the mower with the 6 blade reel to take my lawn down to .25” HOC. My lawn is not yet completely leveled but the front and rear rollers made mowing the uneven spots pretty easy. The mower is so easy to manipulate that I didn’t notice how full the catcher was getting. Once I finally emptied it, it was probably around 40 lbs of material that was removed from the lawn. This machine is beautiful. The paint and design of the mower itself is a sight to behold.
Blake Baucum, Lubbock (TX)

Blake Baucum, Lubbock (TX) USA

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