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I have had my mower shipped and it was so easy to put it into operation. Mowing with it is a pleasure. The results of mowing are perfect and the surface is smooth. Pure joy to look at! There are no unevenness on the surface or visible individual cuts. The exchange of cartridges from the mowing cylinder to the scarifier is very fast and simple and works perfectly. All felts and old grass are swept straight into the grass box. The Swardman Edwin cylinder mower, with its 3 cassettes, is destined for complete lawn care and above all for the perfect mowing results. Thank you for your fair and friendly conduct.
Trausmuth Erika und Heinz

Trausmuth Erika und Heinz Theresienfeld, Austria

If you want a perfect lawn, you will definitely need Edwin. In just 3 months, our lawn is perfect and everyone who comes to see us comments on its quality. With any other solution, you have to count on cutting grass 2 to 3 times a day or use two lawn mowers. Edwin handles everything – it is great for cutting, verticutting and combing.
Martin Kaisrlík

Martin Kaisrlík RK Group – Real Estate Company

My goal was to have a perfect lawn that makes a real garden and I was able to achieve this with a cylinder mower; therefore, I decided to buy a modern and quality mower from Swardman.
Jan Burcev

Jan Burcev entrepreneur, automatic irrigation systems

I have been using Edwin for two seasons now; I was using a manual reel lawn mower. Therefore, I was not expecting any significant improvement in the lawn quality or the ease of cutting. However, I waw very surprised and the quality is much better. On the other hand, I have to say that Edwin is not a lawn mower for irregular mowing. If you let your grass grow too long, it will cause problems. You can cut with Edwin in essentially any weather condition. Because it moves on cylinders, it does not groove your lawn. So I am satisfied. What I would like to especially point out is Swardman’s service approach. Any time there is a problem, they respond immediately. A technician arrives and fixes everything.
Jiří Ludwig

Jiří Ludwig IT Consultant, Self-Employed

I would like to thank you for quickly handling my request to repair my lawn mower. I was very happy not only with your customer service, but with the actual quality and the professional approach taken by your service technician. I have been reassured that buying your lawn mower was the right choice. I wish you and your team all the best.
Radek Sluka

Radek Sluka

First of all, I would like to thank Mr. Šena, who created – and very well so – Swardman. His Edwin is, in my opinion, the best cylinder lawn mower that I have seen. I bought Edwin because I was not happy with my reel mower (the grass was not evenly cut). True, I was briefly using a robotic mower, but that was the biggest mistake in my lawn-keeping history. With a cylinder mower, you truly have to attend to your lawn, but the result is worth it. If you use a cylinder mower, you have to cut your garden at least twice a week; I do it every Monday and Thursday and it is great. A cylinder lawn mower makes everyone a law expert who will never be happy with his or her lawn. It makes you want to constantly improve your lawn. Finally, I would like to wish Swardman all the best, especially a lot of happy paying customers.
Marek Šimánek

Marek Šimánek ASOKNO s.r.o.

I have liked the Edwin project since the very beginning. And I was only waiting for Edwin to go on sale. I have a landscaping company and therefore, I will use not only in my garden, but also for my customers. Some of them have even bought their own mowers. I did not use to like cutting grass in my own garden, but I really enjoy it with Edwin. The lawn looks perfect. I have also tried most of the cartridges and everything has worked the way it was supposed to. I can only recommend this lawn mower. I also think that Mr. Šena’s approach and his knowledge are a great and pleasant bonus. As I wrote in the beginning, I really like this project and am a big supporter.
Miroslav Štěpán

Miroslav Štěpán landscaper,

Pod Svahem 1582/12, 14700 Praha 4, Czech Republic

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