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About Swardman

Manufacturer lawn mowing Czech Republic partner mapSwardman, s.r.o. with headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic and its own production near Pilsen, a mother town of pilsner beer, develops, produces and retails premium cylinder lawn mowers for home use. It also provides a complete service of the mowers. The company was founded in 2013 by Tomas Sena, with a vision of becoming a producer of the best cylinder mowers in the world.

A high-quality cylinder mower is a necessary tool for anyone who loves a perfect striped lawn, for those who do not settle for a standard solution – neither in quality of the lawn, nor in the machine that takes care of it. Swardman is for those with passion for lawns.

During the production process, Swardman emphasizes easy manipulation, quality of materials and top-notch manufacturing that ensures the perfect, precise cut. Additionally, Swardman sells accessories, fertilisers and provides consulting that is necessary for the upkeep of a perfect lawn.

Swardman has 30 employees (as per Dec 31st, 2016). In 2015 and 2016 the company had several hundred new customers, mainly in the Czech Republic, Slovak Republic, Germany, France, Switzerland and other EU countries. Since 2017 the company has been focused on export to EU countries and comparing to 2016 it has increased its production significantly.

Our customers’ testimonials

My goal was to have a perfect lawn that makes a real garden and I was able to achieve this with a cylinder mower; therefore, I decided to buy a modern and quality mower from Swardman.
Jan Burcev

Jan Burcev entrepreneur, automatic irrigation systems

If you want a perfect lawn, you will definitely need Edwin. In just 3 months, our lawn is perfect and everyone who comes to see us comments on its quality. With any other solution, you have to count on cutting grass 2 to 3 times a day or use two lawn mowers. Edwin handles everything – it is great for cutting, verticutting and combing.
Martin Kaisrlík

Martin Kaisrlík RK Group – Real Estate Company

I have been using Edwin for two seasons now; I was using a manual reel lawn mower. Therefore, I was not expecting any significant improvement in the lawn quality or the ease of cutting. However, I waw very surprised and the quality is much better. On the other hand, I have to say that Edwin is not a lawn mower for irregular mowing. If you let your grass grow too long, it will cause problems. You can cut with Edwin in essentially any weather condition. Because it moves on cylinders, it does not groove your lawn. So I am satisfied. What I would like to especially point out is Swardman’s service approach. Any time there is a problem, they respond immediately. A technician arrives and fixes everything.
Jiří Ludwig

Jiří Ludwig IT Consultant, Self-Employed

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