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Spare parts


Drive cog belt

15 $ with VAT
Non-slipping cogged drive belt for Swardman Edwin

Stretching cable screw M5x20

1 $ with VAT

Support duralumin ring

12 $ with VAT

Rubber rings

5 $ with VAT
Set of 8 rubber rings for grass box support.

Double spring - scarifier

1 $ with VAT
Double spring for the scarifier cartridge

Pull spring - spindle roller

1 $ with VAT
Stainless steel extension spring for the belt tensioner

Double sheave Dp40 and Dp65

28 $ with VAT
Aluminium double pulley for two V-belts. One for the drive and one for a cylinder propulsion

Sheave Dp68

21 $ with VAT
Aluminium pulley fixed on the cartridge shaft

Hybrid sheave Dp75-HTD22-5M-09

43 $ with VAT

Cog sheave - shaft 22-05M-09

13 $ with VAT
Toothed pulley fixed on the engine shaft

Pulley - rear roller 72-05M-09 6W

36 $ with VAT
Alumunium toothed pulley fixed on the rear roller shaft

Pulley - countershaft 60-05M-09 6W

30 $ with VAT
Aluminium toothed pulley fixed on the countershaft

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