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Reel and lower blade sharpening

Perfect sharpening of a Swardman reel and a bed-knife with a simple Mail program provided by our service partner for $150.


The reel and bed-knife of the Swardman mower is sharpened on professional grinders by our sales & service partners.

Due to the specially modified steel that we use to produce the reels, we are able to restore a perfect cut even on damaged reels. The professional processing and design allow the reel and the bed-knife to be ground repeatedly. With standard sharpening, the service life of a reel is 10 cycles (10 years with sharpening once per year). The rate of wear of the reel depends on many factors – cutting height, the cleanliness of the lawn, intervals between user adjustments, mowing rate, and, of course, the mown area.

The reel and bed-knife sharpening service is provided by our sales & service partner Reel rollers.
The cost of the hassle-free mail program is $150.
ORDER HERE directly from our partner.

How does it work?

Whenever you find out that your machine needs maintenance, simply remove your Reel cartridge, print out the UPS Label, and Reel rollers will take it from there.  Your reel cartridge will be picked up at your front door, serviced in under a week, and delivered safely right back to your doorstep.

  1. Free pick up and delivery (customer responsible for the packaging)
  2. Reel Rollers will email UPS shipping label to be printed and taped to box
  3. Reel Cartridge and bed knife will be sharpened and adjusted
  4. Reel Cartridge will be sent via UPS directly back to the customer in less than 1 week

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