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6. 6. 2017

Swardman is partner of the International Golf Open of the Mirabelle d'or 2017

Swardman joins the Alps Tour Golf professional circuit and will be present from June 21st to June 25th at the 14th International Open of the Mirabelle d'Or in Metz to present its products to lovers of the little white ball and perfectly cut greens. More »
19. 5. 2017

Power Bound with Belts

When we were developing the Swardman Edwin cylinder mower, we were often forced to look for unconventional solutions. One of the nuts to crack was the distribution mechanism that consists of 4 belts and 6 pulleys in total. Later on, experts in this field confirmed that lawn mowers are governed by completely different principles than other industrial machines or cars, for example. More »
4. 5. 2017

How does a lawn obsession develop?

In the past few months, we have been wondering if we could use the expression “obsessed by lawns”. The question was, whether this expression evokes negative associations or not. What did we end up with? More »
25. 12. 2016

Swardman will boost export in 2017

This year might be drawing to an end, but we find ourselves at the starting line. More »
22. 12. 2016

We love to play with details!

In the last article I wrote about the recent developments in our production facility here at Swardman. This time, I would like to go into more detail. Every day we are more and more convinced that there are numerous benefits to manufacturing our items ourselves. Innovations can be made much faster than when you are dealing with suppliers. More »
2. 12. 2016

How does production in Swardman look today?

Are you interested in the development of our production, how we started and where we are now? More »

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