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Swardman introduces a new brand of organo-mineral fertilizers

Our new brand of organo-mineral fertilizers offers an elegant solution for the maintenance of your lawns. Swardman fertilizers are developed for the needs of customers who mow their lawns with a reel mower.

Swardman lawn mowers are known primarily for their ease of use, first-class craftsmanship and the impeccable quality of materials used for their production. We have applied the same concept to our own brand of fertilizers. The fertilizers were divided into two main products that will easily meet all your needs throughout the whole year. Swardman Spring & Summer will take care of all seasonal maintenance, whereas Swardman Autumn will ensure a trouble-free winter.

Both products are organo-mineral in nature. The composition of Spring & Summer makes it suitable for lawns mowed with a reel mower. Thanks to an optimal nitrogen content, the grass does not grow so fast that you would need to mow it all the time after using the product while at the same time getting enough nutriments for the results to be visible quickly enough. The content is enriched with magnesium dioxide which helps your lawn maintain a rich green color throughout the whole season. The helpful bacteria contained in the fertilizer ensure a rapid conversion of the dead layer into nutriments that support the lawn’s growth and help establish a healthy ecosystem.

Swardman Autumn is a potassium fertilizer that makes sure your lawn spends the winter months completely trouble-free and without any diseases that might otherwise attack it. If used in larger doses, it can also help remove and prevent the growth of new moss. Our fertilizers do not burn leaves or stain pavements, driveways, or any other objects in the garden.

New Swardman lawn fertilizer

And what about dosage? For 100 m2 of lawn, you will need just 10 kg of Spring & Summer per year. It is enough to fertilize only once every 8 weeks. Swardman Autumn should be used once in autumn at a dose of 3,5 to 4 kg per 100 m2 and, if necessary, at the end of winter. A healthy lawn will appear sooner than you would expect.

Thanks to long-term testing and the achievement of great results, we are fully convinced of the qualities of our Swardman fertilizers. In order to help the lawn enthusiasts increase the quality of their green beauties and share our excitement about our new brand of fertilizers with as many of you as possible, we have set a very affordable price. A 25 kg package of our top quality organo-mineral fertilizer will set you back only 49 EUR incl. VAT.

At Swardman, we are constantly striving to find new solutions to best meet the needs of our customers. It has become our tradition to introduce new products every year. This year, we have decided to focus on fertilizers. As we are avid lawn lovers ourselves, we know very well the importance of using top quality fertilizers to ensure that the lawn is always green, dense and healthy. Thanks to the favorable selling price of Swardman fertilizers (lower than in the case of most conventional fertilizers), almost everyone can now afford to use a top-quality, completely natural product,” says Michael Suchanka, the company’s sales director.

Pre-order your fertilizer now! Orders will be shipped from March 22.

If you have any questions about our new fertilizers, the Swardman team is always here to help.


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