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Swardman Electra will bring peace to gardens

Up to 70 % of people want to implement some legislation that would limit noise in their town, especially during weekends. More than a half of communities already have such legislation in place. These are the outcomes of research conducted by Swardman on a sample of citizens and townships with over 1000 inhabitants. People complained the most about the noise from lawn mowing and wood cutting.

For English-style, low-cut lawns, it is ideal to mow them with a cylinder mower at least twice a week. Thus, if you have no possibility of mowing during the weekend, you have to manage it during the 5 weekdays, often in the evening; such legislation can significantly limit your lawn care possibilities.

A common lawn mowing tractor produces a noise of about 100 dB, a common mower ca 96 dB. At those noise levels, you should be protecting your hearing while mowing. The Edwin cylinder mower from our production has a guaranteed noise level of 92 dB, which is 40 % less than the competition and it makes Edwin the quietest petrol mower on the market. But this might still not be enough for some people.

Graph noise level comparison cylinder mower

Imagine a mower that makes a noise as low as a water kettle, but still can mow (cut!) your lawn and has all the advantages of a petrol cylinder mower. It would be a dream that even your neighbours would love. That was our big goal when we first started developing the Swardman Electra battery-powered mower.

Uncovered engine Swardman Electra battery-powered mower

We used the top-quality Continental synchronous belt, with efficiency of up to 99 %. But what is most important, it barely makes a sound. We inserted it into a durable chassis construction and avoided plastic parts to achieve an astonishingly low noise level. The noise level of Swardman Electra is at ca 70 dB. You are actually making bigger noise when you have a loud conversation.

Graph lawn mower noise levels

We managed to push the borders to another dimension. Swardman Electra is the quietest walk-behind mower in the world.

To see how much we managed to cut down on noise of Electra, watch our short video comparison.

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Swardman Electra – everything about batteries. Basic one will mow 500-meter garden.

When we decided to create a little sister for Edwin, it was clear that she cannot be just ordinary. We wanted to develop a full-fledged cylinder mower that will catch up to Edwin with ease. First and foremost, it needed a good stamina. A premium mower cannot run out of breath after 100 metres of mowing.


Silent mowing revolution is here - Swardman Electra

Swardman introduces its second model line named Electra. It is the world’s first mower powered by two electric motors. Electra is also the quietest real lawn mower in the world. In 2015 Swardman introduced its first model Edwin, which was followed by Edwin 2.0 in September 2017. This makes Electra the third newly introduced mower model in the past three years.



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