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Swardman Electra – everything about batteries. Basic one will mow 500-meter garden.

When we decided to create a little sister for Edwin, it was clear that she cannot be just ordinary. We wanted to develop a full-fledged cylinder mower that will catch up to Edwin with ease. First and foremost, it needed a good stamina. A premium mower cannot run out of breath after 100 metres of mowing.

While developing Electra, we were observing the dynamic changes on the accumulator market. There are new solutions almost every month. We were choosing the right one for quite some time. We feared that we would pick a solution, then something much better will come up in two years, and we would be sorry that Electra does not have it. Therefore, we decided to integrate the batteries under the hood so that an authorised service can replace them for a newer type, should there be need. We also adjusted our original software that manages the energy consumption.

Accumulator lawn cylinder Swardman Electra

Basic battery type

Thanks to this approach, we gained a possibility to equip the basic version of Electra with an accumulator with six lead traction cells with gel electrolyte. This battery type does not increase the basic price and weight of Electra unnecessarily, but it will be sufficient for most users. The basic model which we named Standard will be enough for a 400-square-meter lawn.

Battery with extended capacity

The basic, 400 m2 capacity of Electra is not a threat for Edwin. Especially if you want to mow, verticut and brush your lawn during the same day. In such a case, you can choose a battery called Plus with six additional cells. This will extend the battery life of Electra to over 800 m2, which is a very comfortable endurance.

Professional accumulator for hard work and large gardens

To satisfy the most demanding customers, we also offer a version with a professional battery – LiFePO4, which is a lithium iron phosphate battery. This professional accumulator called Extra can power Electra on more than 1400 m2 of lawn, which is a top-class performance. Moreover, the accumulator is very safe and there will not be any problems with air transport of Electra to any place in the world.

Graph accumulator Electra

Battery charging

All three versions of batteries have one thing in common. It is ideal to fully charge them after every use by connecting the charger to Electra. This way, you will maximise the longevity and usable capacity of the accumulators. And you will always finish your next mowing completely. There is also a diode signalling on the handlebars that informs you about the battery status.

Thanks to the plug-in charging system, all it takes to plug the charger into the mower through the integrated connector in the rear part of the chassis. The charger is a part of the package and is equipped with electronic system that controls and manages the charging process. The charging stops once the battery is charged to 100 %, protecting it from overcharging. The simple construction of a plug-in system eliminates the risk of non-functioning connection mechanisms in the case of a removable battery. This way you do not have to manipulate with heavy batteries (the basic version weighs 5,1 kg, the extended capacity weighs 10,2 kg).

Battery life

The lifespan of the basic lead cells accounts for 400 cycles in the 100-percent discharge mode. This equals about 10 years of mowing twice a week. The highest offered version of the battery is named LiFePO4. These batteries are used, for example, in photovoltaic power plants and the set used by us can develop up to 10 kW of power. The lifetime of LiFePO4, professional batteries is up to 10,000 charging cycles. When mowing with the cylinder mower, you will need approximately 50 cycles in one year depending on the mowing intensity and the length of the season. So if you do not want to live for over 100 years, the battery should last a lifetime.

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Swardman introduces its second model line named Electra. It is the world’s first mower powered by two electric motors. Electra is also the quietest real lawn mower in the world. In 2015 Swardman introduced its first model Edwin, which was followed by Edwin 2.0 in September 2017. This makes Electra the third newly introduced mower model in the past three years.


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